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Fantasy Football Week 13 Ranking: Sleepers, Starts, Sits | Kyren Williams, Diontae Johnson and more

The Week 13 Fantasy Football Rankings have arrived, along with a fun new list to discuss. As trade deadlines have passed, the debates continue, and with Marvel’s Phase 4 over (and Christmas specials on the way), it’s time to put things Marvel in order. Don’t worry, I still have your sleepers, starts and seats…and don’t forget!…check Exhibit 101 below for all weather questions, wait/start risk and more before asking these questions.

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2022 Week 13 Fantasy Football Sleepers

🚨 CAUTION 🚨 They are sleepers. They won’t mimic my ranking 100%. It’s upside down hunting and often involves more risk.


POSSIBLE DEBUT: Trevor Lawrence, JAX – First, the Lions are giving up 3.3 more FPPGs than any other team. Yes, part of that is due to rushing touchdowns allowed (six), but that includes rushing scoring for Geno Smith, Daniel Jones and Josh Allen. Every game in which Lawrence completed at least 70% of his passes generated more than 16.7 points. The only game Lawrence reached 18.7 points but failed to reach that completion mark (51.2%) came with a rushing touchdown against the Giants. The Lions are in the top half of the league when it comes to quarterback completions (64.7%) and are more likely to find themselves in a high-scoring affair at home.


POSSIBLE START: Dameon Pierce, HOU – As mentioned in disclaimers, it’s Infinity Duck time. The worry can’t get any worse, but if there’s a good game, it’s against the Browns. Only the Bengals failed to score in double digits for running backs against the Browns, who have the highest APA for the position. They also lead the league in rushing yards (1,592) and rushing touchdowns (14) allowed. If Pierce can’t finish the Week 13 Top 20, he’s done.

Hail Mary START: Kyren Williams, LAR – The Seahawks are another good game – just ask Josh Jacobs. Even before that, Leonard Fournette and Rachaad White had no problem running on the Seahawks, and the Seahawks allowed the second-most receiving yards to running backs. Williams had 70.9% of the snaps in Week 12, but more importantly, 61.5% of the assists to just 37.5% for Cam Akers.


POSSIBLE START: Allen Lazard, UK – Even with a line of just 3-2-24 in Week 12, Lazard still had the highest breakout percentage (100) and road percentage (96.4) of all receivers and tight ends. Christian Watson’s escape certainly hurts Lazard a bit, but the Bears’ game is far from worrying. The only problem is that some teams haven’t been as successful due to how easy it is to beat the Bears. This is the other reason why Lazard is a possible/dormant start and not in the guaranteed Top 30 range. Mike White had no problem against the Bears last week, finding Garrett Wilson and Elijah Moore for three combined touchdowns , and that’s the hope we can have for a touchdown from Lazard, even with Watson getting his.

POSSIBLE START: Diontae Johnson, PIT – Johnson is still 25th in TmTGT% (24.9) and eighth in targets (94) among all wides. It didn’t result in a touchdown…or even 85 yards. Is this the new Johnson…the old Jakobi Meyers? And that’s why DiontBAE is just a DiontMAY…be…start. On top of that, the Falcons can speed up time due to constant ball travel, so the 10-target opportunity could be slim. Still, most receivers with 8+ targets against the Falcons put together a Top 30 day…most.

HAIL MARY DEBUT: DJ Chark, DET – Chark has played five games, and only four with at least 65% snaps (just 15.9% in Week 11, the first game after the Week 3 injury). Across the four games, Chark has a 16.1 TmTGT% for a combined 23-9-114-2 and 13.2, 0.0, 6.1, and 8.6 points, respectively. As mentioned with Lawrence, it can be a sneaky high-scoring affair, especially with Jared Goff being better at home. Chark is worth a deep steal game for a touchdown.


HAIL MARY DEBUT: David Njoku, CLE “Honestly, just play Njoku. Since Week 3, Njoku has only three single-digit scores against four double-digit games, two of the single-digit efforts still scoring 7.3 and 9.2, and the other being his first game back and limited . Even with this limited play and missed time, Njoku has been TE8 since week 3 and fifth in FPPG. Oh, and he gets a game against the Texans this week.

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Ranking Marvel Phase 4

With Marvel Phase 4 over now that The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special has aired – and it’s also starting the Christmas viewing season – I thought to myself, “Why not classify all of Marvel’s Phase 4?” Well, you might object because it was a lot of “meh”, but we’ll still have fun discussing ranks, right? It’s basically the tight end position of TV/Movies – some great ones and a lot of, huh, I guess so.

  1. Spider-Man: No Coming Home – Phase 4’s Travis Kelce. That’s it and then everything else, because No Way Home is the best superhero movie yet.
  2. Loki – Tremendous. This is how you plant seeds and create a Marvel series.
  3. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever – Drama ? Perfect and tasteful transition. My main issue is outside of the introduction of Namor, the new Black Panther and Ironheart (whose name they haven’t even said), nothing develops outside of potential future tie-ins.
  4. Wanda Vision – Sure, later episodes explain some of the early ones, but man, the first three episodes – and arguably some of the finale – give this show a low floor despite the high ceiling. It’s Gabe Davis.
  5. Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special – Tie some threads, check everyone and have a good laugh. Add it to your list of Christmas movies.
  6. Thor: Love and Thunder “I understand the hate, I just don’t agree with most of them. Is this a disposable Marvel movie? Sure, but most of Phase 4 was somewhat disposable and loosely tied. It was always fun.
  7. Hawk Eye “It’s Die Hard as a superhero series…and more Christmas than Die Hard. Why hate?
  8. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness – Some WandaVision redundancy for Wanda, but even so, and with the love-it-or-hate-it music scene (I hated it) and focusing more on Wanda than Dr. Strange, this movie was good .
  9. What if…? – We teased with the Dr. Strange episode (that this could be a big part of the movie’s plot), but we have superhero zombies and “what ifs”.
  10. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings – Another fun movie, even with an overdone CGI ending (and too much Awkwafina).
  11. Black Widow – Due to the (delayed) release timing, it is misplaced in the overall story arc. Still a decent mix of the standard with more spy stuff.
  12. I am Groot – Short fun… however, one episode is quite dark.
  13. night werewolf – I have the impression that some loved it. It was not bad. Similar to the GotG special, a themed (Halloween) short that suits what it is.
  14. Falcon and the Winter Soldier — Pretty meh. I could just tell you that Sam Wilson is the new Captain America… which you probably already knew and assumed.
  15. moon knight – As messy as he was trying to work his way through the plot. As with many Phase 4s, thanks to Marvel for trying new things, but this feels like something that just doesn’t “stick” to the wall.
  16. She-Hulk: Lawyer “Speaking of trying new things… I’m not even sure She-Hulk knew what she wanted to be, or try, from episode to episode. Look at this instead.
  17. Ms. Marvel – I tried. Really tried. I couldn’t even finish that, and sure, it probably works to get teens invested in Marvel material, but I’ve long passed that demographic. Get off my lawn!
  18. Eternals — Phew. Cool effects and action, but…that’s it.

Week 13 fantasy football projections

🚨 HEADS UP 🚨 These may differ from my rankings, and my ranks are the order i would start players in apart from additional context, such as “Need a higher edge, even if it’s risky”. Also, based on 4-point TD for QB, 6-point rest and half PPR

Projection download link

***These are NOT updated Sunday morning, for info***

Week 13 Fantasy Football Rankings


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